The mission of the Grassroots Coordinating Committee (GCC) is to coordinate national and regional progressive organizations in their efforts to increase voter turnout and civic participation to gain electoral and legislative victories in future elections. The GCC fulfills this goal by developing infrastructure to facilitate coordination among its members to streamline the sharing of information about events, tools, and resources.


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National Messaging & Policy Task Force

After a very successful launch during the 2018 Women's Summit, the Grassroots Coordinating Committee's (GCC) inaugural platform titled "Grassroots Policy Agenda: Putting Grassroots Policy Ideas into Action," is now available for download, and please feel free to contact us at info@grassrootsideas.org is you have any questions, comments, or would like to submit your own policy ideas.

The GCC is made up of several "subcommittees" which includes: Communications & Outreach, Campaigns Committee, and the National Messaging & Policy Task Force.

Acts to coordinate political activities between grassroots groups, candidates, and the Democratic National Committee. This group also facilitates contacts with media outlets in order to amplify the voices of our partner groups. The objective of our Team is to synchronize grassroots Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts through coalition building, integrated communications, and coordination via the following roles:

  • Internal Communications Lead - Ensures seamless flow of information to all GCC members.  This Team will help facilitate meetings and internal GCC event communications.  They will also work closely with the Calendar Management Staff for partnerships and GOTV.

  • Social Media Coordinator - Supports every aspect of the GCC through the development of a comprehensive digital strategy, which amplifies and promotes the work of all the other GCC teams using all available social media platforms.

  • Media Outreach Coordinator - Identifies, meets with, and “pitches” stories about the GCC to bloggers, news media, radio, television, college publications, and newsletters.

  • Democratic Organization Liaison - Coordinates GCC efforts with Democratic organizations such as the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors’ Association, Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (House and Senate). 

  • Grassroots Liaison - Like the Democratic Groups Coordinator, works with national, regional, and local grassroots groups to coordinate campaign efforts, obtain volunteers, and request liaisons to attend meetings and provide updates.

  • Calendar Management & Partnerships Coordinator - Works with the Campaigns Team, Campaign Liaison, and Democratic Organization Liaison to ensure GOTV events are shared and distributed.

Advertises, organizes, and trains volunteers for grassroots "Get Out the Vote" (GOTV) Operations in coordination with the Democratic National Committee, state Democratic Parties, elected officials. This program provides continuous training and mentorship opportunities for volunteers before, during, and after GOTV events and includes:

  • Campaign Liaison - Contacts new candidates and elected officials to organize meetings and provides an overview of available GCC services.

  • Phone/Text Banking and Canvassing Training - The GCC can provide GOTV training and assistance to candidates and grassroots groups.

  • Cross-Group Coordinated GOTV Efforts - Using our online directory, “Basecamp” communication platform and a shared calendar, we facilitate GOTV efforts for both local and regional campaigns by increasing efficiency, minimize redundancies, and consolidate strategic messaging in order to effect the greatest impact.

  • GOTV Event Logistical Support - We are able to offer event space (on a case-by-case basis) depending on space availability, number of participants, and the goals and objectives of the event.

  • The New GCC “Campaign Ambassadors Program” - This is a new initiative for individuals who may be unable or unwilling to participate in canvassing, phone, and/or text banking.  This program would require approval from each individual campaign and would allow specific GCC members to be designated as “Campaign Ambassadors.”  These Ambassadors operate within their preexisting networks, attend local meetings/events, and speak on behalf of the campaign.  They will also receive training and mentorship from the GCC, as well as talking points, campaign literature, volunteer signup sheets, etc. directly from campaign staff. For more information, see the program as it is currently being run by POLYAS.

The GCC has partnered with the Jobs-First.org, RISE Stronger, RISE District, ActLocal, and Network for Progress to form a the National Messaging & Policy Task Force. Our Task Force coordinates with grassroots activists and Democratic Party officials in order to coalesce around big, bold, and aspirational ideas and messages for the 2018 Midterm elections and beyond. 

The goal of this initiative is to obtain a consensus on new messages, policy reforms, and developing a “Grassroots Policy Agenda” which can be integrated into the campaign platforms of candidates in the form of:

  • DNC Resolutions - The GCC has partnered with the with DNC members and drafting policy-focused DNC Resolutions for upcoming meetings.

  • Articles, Blogs, Op-Eds, and Policy Papers - Coordinate directly with the Communications & Outreach Team to draft articles, blogs, op-eds, and policy papers which can be submitted to national, regional, and local media outlets.

  • Policy Action Memorandums (PAMS) - One-two page documents outlining specific policy recommendations which can be incorporated into the policy platforms of Democratic candidates.  Our PAMS also include a slogan (five words or less), a mission statement (20 words or less), a literature review (a review of current policy/legislation and research on the topic area proposed topic).

  • Grassroots Policy Agenda - Once the PAMs have all been drafted, they will be consolidated into the “Grassroots Strategy & Policy Agenda” which will be provided to attendees of candidate training events, individual candidates, the DNC, Democratic campaign committees, and grassroots groups.

  • Policy Forums & Town Hall Events: GCC can coordinate with candidates and policy experts to organize Policy Forums to promote these ideas and encourage public discourse.