The New “Grassroots Coordinating Committee - Campaign Ambassadors Program”

Campaign Ambassador, 21 Apr 18.png

The GCC is working to launch a new initiative to support Democratic campaigns called the “Grassroots Coordinating Committee - Campaign Ambassadors Program.”  This is a new initiative for individuals who may be unable or unwilling to participate in canvassing, phone, and/or text banking.  This program would require approval from each individual campaign and would allow specific GCC members to be designated as “Campaign Ambassadors.”  

These Ambassadors operate within their preexisting networks, attend local meetings/events, and speak on behalf of the campaign. They will also receive training and mentorship from the GCC, as well as talking points, campaign literature, volunteer signup sheets, etc. directly from campaign staff. For more information, see the program as it is currently being run by POLYAS, and please let us know what you think.