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GCC Resolution Titled "Supporting Better Accountability and Transparency for Law Enforcement Officers" Passed During the DNC Summer Meeting in Chicago

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Very happy and excited to announce that we DID IT AGAIN, and were able to get another DNC Resolution written by one of our Grassroots Coordinating Committee (GCC), National Messaging & Policy Task Force members, Audra, passed by the entire Democratic Party during the 2018 Summer Meeting of the DNC in Chicago.
Titled "Supporting Better Accountability and Transparency for Law Enforcement Officers" this critically important Resolution included the following:

  • Establish a National Database to collect information about officer-involved shootings.
  • This Database should be administered by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and all law enforcement agencies would be required to submit reports quarterly.
  • The DOJ should develop a national standard governing the use of force practices by, and de-escalation training for all U.S. law enforcement officers.
  • Calls for officers to be treated without favor and held to the same standards as everyone else.

The GCC also wanted to express our gratitude to our INCREDIBLE partner Ms. Yasmine Taeb, DNC Committeewoman from Virginia, for working so diligently get all our Resolutions passed by the DNC.

Below is a copy of Audra’s specific Resolution and below is a link to all of the Resolutions Passed during the DNC Summer Meeting which can be viewed (HERE).

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DNC Resolutions 17, 2, 03 Sep 18.png

Please Complete our New GCC/RISE District Grassroots Messaging & Policy Survey

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The GCC  recently  partnered  with RISE  District   to launch our new "Grassroots Coordinating Committee/RISE District Messaging & Policy Survey."

Our  goal  is  to  reclaim  the  mantel  of  the  “Party  of  Ideas,”  by developing reforms that can appeal to the voters  we  lost  in  2016.

As  a  result,  we  published  Version  #1  of  our "Grassroots  Policy  Agenda "  which  contains  23  policy  reforms covering:  education,  jobs,  small  business,  taxes,  immigration, national security , voting, and criminal justice reform. 

Because  we  also  want  to  include  as  many  voices  as  possible,  we are crowdsourcing  grassroots  ideas  for  the  next version  of  the Agenda.  It asks  respondents  for  their  top  issues  for the 2018 Midterms and how they would address them.

Our New "Grassroots Policy Agenda" Is Now Available

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After a very successful launch during the 2018 Women's Summit, the Grassroots Coordinating Committee's (GCC) inaugural platform titled "Grassroots Policy Agenda: Putting Grassroots Policy Ideas into Action," is now available for download, and please feel free to contact us at is you have any questions, comments, or would like to submit your own policy ideas.

36 Nation Interview about the Grassroots Coordinating Committee, National Messaging & Policy Task Force, and


Very excited about my first internet/radio interview with my friend Ivan Edward on his 36 Nation Show (

We had a great discussion about, the Grassroots Coordinating Committee, the National Messaging & Policy Task Force, as well as our upcoming website at

I was also able to talk about our DNC Resolutions, and how important it was for the Democratic Party to crowdsource new policy ideas from grassroots activists.