Acts to coordinate political activities between grassroots groups, candidates, and the Democratic National Committee. This group also facilitates contacts with media outlets in order to amplify the voices of our partner groups. The objective of our Team is to synchronize grassroots Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts through coalition building, integrated communications, and coordination via the following roles:

  • Internal Communications Lead - Ensures seamless flow of information to all GCC members.  This Team will help facilitate meetings and internal GCC event communications.  They will also work closely with the Calendar Management Staff for partnerships and GOTV.

  • Social Media Coordinator - Supports every aspect of the GCC through the development of a comprehensive digital strategy, which amplifies and promotes the work of all the other GCC teams using all available social media platforms.

  • Media Outreach Coordinator - Identifies, meets with, and “pitches” stories about the GCC to bloggers, news media, radio, television, college publications, and newsletters.

  • Democratic Organization Liaison - Coordinates GCC efforts with Democratic organizations such as the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors’ Association, Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (House and Senate). 

  • Grassroots Liaison - Like the Democratic Groups Coordinator, works with national, regional, and local grassroots groups to coordinate campaign efforts, obtain volunteers, and request liaisons to attend meetings and provide updates.

  • Calendar Management & Partnerships Coordinator - Works with the Campaigns Team, Campaign Liaison, and Democratic Organization Liaison to ensure GOTV events are shared and distributed.